At This Old Tub And Sink, we negotiate a fair shipping price and make all shipping arrangements to ensure that your purchased item arrives at your door in the condition it was in when it left our door.

Customers wishing to have a freight company of their choosing ship their purchased item must make all shipping arrangements.

We will not know the exact shipping weight or crate dimensions until your item is crated. Once crated, we will contact you with your exact shipping charges before adding them to your final bill.

Please email or call us for a estimated shipping quote.

We will need to know the address, including zip code, to which the item is being shipped and whether that address is a residence where lift-gate service will be required, or somewhere with a loading dock where lift-gate service will not be required.

In order to offset rising handling costs, a handling fee of $20.00 is added to the shipping charges for all of our sinks and bathtubs.

Inspect The Crate Before Signing

Do Not Sign Away Your Rights!

Steps You Should Follow Before Signing For Your Crated Fixture:

When your fixture arrives you will be asked to sign for it. In order for our team at This Old Tub And Sink to resolve any damage claims you may have against the freight carrier, you should not sign until you have carefully and thoroughly inspected the crate.

When inspecting look for the following:

• Holes in the crate which may indicate damage caused by a fork lift • Repairs made to the crate • Any indication that the crate has been tipped over during transit • Cracks, dents or missing pieces anywhere on the crate • Any other signs of trauma

If you are prepared to open the crate and inspect the contents before signing, do so. If the crated item is damaged in any way do not accept delivery.

Any item that was refused delivery due to damage will be replaced by This Old Tub And Sink as soon as possible.

If you are unprepared to open the crate when it's delivered but you observe damage to the crate, write legibly and describe the damage on the receipt before signing.

For example: Damaged crate received. Crate has a 3 inch hole in the side. I did not inspect the contents.

If you have a camera handy you can also take pictures of any crate damage.

You may then sign and date. Be sure to save your copy of the receipt.

If the crate is undamaged write that on the receipt.

For example: Undamaged crate received. I did not inspect the contents.

Sign, date and keep a copy of the receipt.

After signing the Bill of Lading accepting delivery, carefully uncrate your fixture (see below) and inspect it for damage. The Bill of Lading will contain information regarding the length of time you are allowed to make a claim for shipping damages. Be sure to uncrate your fixture and check for damages within the stated time frame. If you find damage, other than any described and revealed in pictures sent to you prior to your purchase of an “as is” item, contact the number listed on the Bill of Lading immediately. And, of course, call us. We will contact the freight company on your behalf to expedite your claim.

Customers with access to a place of business that has a loading dock, or access to a fork lift capable of safely removing a crated fixture from a freight truck, often save considerably on shipping. Home delivery requires transfer to a smaller truck capable of lift-gate service that lowers your crate to the ground.

Freight carriers charge extra for lift-gate service.

Uncrating Your Fixture

It is very important that care be taken when uncrating your fixture. The obvious and most important reason is to avoid damaging the fixture in any way, but you also want to be able to reuse the crate should any damage be discovered. Unless you have an aptitude for working with tools and ascertaining how the crate was constructed, time permitting, you should leave the job to those who do.

The team at This Old Tub And Sink hopes you enjoy your purchase for many, many years. Thank you for your business.

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